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Glenn Doren has spent the past 20 years developing innovative industry-leading games and technology, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Multiplayer Networking. His work as Lead Programmer at FASA Interactive and their top-selling MechCommander computer game series contributed to Microsoft's acquisition of the Chicago-based startup in 1999. The acquisition of FASA marked the beginning of Microsoft's new "Microsoft Game Studios" division. During his 8 years at Microsoft, Glenn was a lead software engineer for MechCommander 2, and a Lead Developer on the Xbox Live gaming service, where he managed a small team of developers.

After Xbox Live he moved back to Microsoft Game Studios and helped manage top-selling AAA titles such as Counter-Strike (Valve Software) and Halo (Bungie Studios). Glenn also technically managed several launch game titles for Microsoft's top- selling Xbox 360 game console, including Perfect Dark Zero (Rare Studios) and Fable (Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios). After leaving Microsoft in 2007, Glenn consulted for Microsoft's Zune group, where he co-designed and single-handedly developed their online Zune Quizzes feature. Glenn then spent a year at startup Z2Live, where he co-architected their Peer-to-Peer-with-Voice technology, which provided the first true peer-to-peer Network Address Translation-friendly solution with in- game voice chat for the iPhone/iPad/iOS platform. Z2Live is now a leading developer/publisher in the mobile games industry.

Cyntient Logo

After a year at Z2Live, Glenn left to work full-time on Cyntient as a co-founder and CTO before taking the role of CEO in August 2012. Cyntient was a Seattle-based AI startup focused on building a cloud-based AI platform that enabled developers to create dynamic and believable characters that think, feel, plan and behave (and sometimes fight) in a life-like manner.